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Progress Update

Thanks for being patient with me everybody.... This store is taking longer than I thought to get it all arranged, set up, organized, inventoried, priced with new low prices, and getting all the necessary business licenses.

It has been a task. But the store is coming along nicely. Even since this video was made - more progress has taken place. Mostly, I am just waiting on the sales tax license. I got the run around Friday - go here, no go there...

So... if anyone has advice on how to get the sales tax license? Leave me a comment. What will I need?

I am excited. I will share another video, later this week, on some of the new inventory going into the store.

Until now, here is a video of the progress that has been made as of a week and a half ago.

Still in the process of getting a lot of stuff in the family room taken to Willowstone. will get done... and when it's done... it will be well worth your wait. Until then... if you need anything - feel free to message me and let me know what you need.

#progress #store #Scrap4Less

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