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Back At It!!

Now that the Holidays are over, Christmas is packed away, and the presents are being put to's time to get back to crafting. Not only am I in the midst of getting the new store set up and the online store up and going.... (tentatively by the end of January) - I am also reorganizing and decluttering my own stash of supplies...

Yesterday, I did break out with my Cricut Maker again! Hadn't used that baby in awhile. I had an order to make 20 birthday invitations for a friends almost one year old. (Time flies!)

We went with a Dinosaur theme and I used my Cricut Maker to cut and do all the printing.

I mostly used just colored cardstock, with a pop of a plaid pattern.

I like how they turned out!

What creativity machine do you like to use?

I'm a Cricut kind of girl.

Well, all for now... If there is anything you need before I get the store up and going - contact me for an appointment.

Keep creative and I'll remain

Positively, Debbie

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